Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What to Consider to Make Sure Your Home’s Heating System Is Safe

An important step for people to follow when heating livable space is making sure they stay safe. Colder temperatures always bring increased chances of home fires. Follow a few safety precautions when heating your home.

Smoke Detectors

You should have working smoke and carbon monoxide detection devices inside the house. A smoke detector should be installed in the hallway and preferably in each bedroom. Some homeowners install them in the kitchen or dining area as extra precaution against a fire. Batteries should be changed at least twice a year. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can alert family members in the event of a gas leak in the heating system.

Space Heater Precautions

Portable space heaters make great companions with the central heat system inside your home. Rooms that are hard to heat are where homeowners use space heaters most often. Never use an extension cord connected from the electrical socket to the plug of the heater. They can become very hot quickly and melt the protective insulation surrounding the wires. Make sure to turn off the portable heaters when everyone is away from home or sleeping at night. Always leave adequate spacing from furniture and other materials that could ignite.

Furnace Check

You need to have your heating system inspected each year. Routine maintenance can prevent the furnace from breaking down when you need it the most. A gas furnace might develop a problem within the burner that results in carbon monoxide entering the house. The efficiency of the home heating system can suffer by neglect due to yearly service checks not being performed.

Most homeowners neglect to have their heating system serviced. Heat and air technicians can do maintenance on the system to keep it working at full capacity. The homeowner must change filters often when using the furnace. The burner might need adjustment or the blower motor could need cleaning and oiled by the technician. Other problems could be developing in the unit that only a service check can uncover. 


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