Monday, May 16, 2016

Turning On the Air Conditioning System: Your Way to Better Health

You already know that air conditioning helps you feel great on a hot summer day, but did you know it also offers health and other benefits? Your air conditioner may be doing more for you than just keeping you cool. Here's how:

Reduced Chances of Asthma and Allergy Attacks

The filters used in air conditioners trap much of the pollen and dust that come in from outside. Trapping the dust allows those with asthma to breathe easier, while trapping allergens reduces the risk of a runny nose and itchy eyes for allergy sufferers. To receive this kind of benefit, however, you must keep your air conditioner's filters clean. If you don't, you could make asthma and allergy problems worse rather than better.

Reduced Chances of Experiencing Heat-Related Health Problems

Dehydration, heat stroke and other problems caused by extremely high temperatures can be avoided simply by sitting in an air conditioned room. Some of the problems associated with heat are potentially deadly if left untreated, so staying in the room with your A/C on could literally be a lifesaver during extreme heat waves.

Improved Performance

Whether you're at the office or trying to get through your to-do list at home, excessive heat is a motivational killer. When temperatures climb high enough, the heat sucks the energy out of you and may cause you to feel a bit confused when performing tasks that require concentration. Turning on the A/C can allow you to keep going even when the weather is oppressive.

Reduced Number of Insects

Most insects are attracted to warm, humid places rather than the cool, dry environments that an efficient A/C system creates. Insects and parasites can't be eliminated altogether, but they are less likely to stay in air conditioned spaces during the warm summer months.

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