Monday, July 18, 2016

How to Determine When Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs to Be Serviced

Having a properly working air conditioning unit is essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Like any major appliance, though, your air conditioner must be maintained and sometimes requires a bit of servicing. Although you should have your air conditioner checked by HVAC professionals at least once a year to ensure that it's still operating at maximum efficiency, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for that let you know your unit needs to be serviced right away.


If your air conditioner is emitting sparks in or around the unit, then it certainly needs to be serviced right away. Air conditioners that emit sparks are definitely not safe to be using since they could end up completely catching fire, and electrical fires can pose immediate threats to anyone in the vicinity when they ignite.


If your air conditioner is leaking, then it is probably in need of servicing as well. It should be noted that a leaking air conditioner is much different than one that simply has a bit of moisture on the outside of the unit. It's normal for air conditioners to have a bit of condensation on them, but if you see a large puddle of water around your air conditioner, then something's wrong. Your air conditioner should not be leaking water or any other fluids.

Constant Running

Perhaps one of the most significant signs your air conditioner is in need of servicing is if it constantly runs, but the temperature in your home doesn't seem to be getting any lower. When this happens, oftentimes your thermostat or other essential element has a problem. Although you can run an air conditioner without a properly working thermostat, running the unit constantly will significantly decrease its lifespan.


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