Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Heating Tips: Look for These Must-Have Features in a New Heat Pump

With people who have to pay a lot for their heat pump, they should realize that some heat pumps will often have an extra setting on the thermostat. In addition to heat, cool and off, you have a setting called emergency heat. What does it do? In essence, it offers you an alternative method of heating your home, usually using electric heat strips.

Dual speed motors work because when you have a heat pump that can only operate at a single level that will have an impact when it is not in use. You will still be consuming the same amount of energy. However, a dual speed motor detects the appropriate times for different usage, and it can raise or lower the amount based on the need.

A two-stage heat pump offers greater efficiency than a single-stage heat pump. They actually achieve better energy consumption when you operate them at a lower speed. If the outdoor temperature changes, and you require more BTUs, you can let the unit shift into high speed, and it will produce more warmth or cooling. That is how it gives you the advantage of better energy consumption.

You can also install a geothermal heat pump that will draw heat from the ground. If you want water heating, then you simply add a de-super heater to your geothermal heat pump system. It is small and uses a compressor to heat the water.

When you install a demand-defrost control, it increases the energy efficiency because the pump will move heat rather than converting it from a fuel-like combustion. Air-source heat pumps have been used in many areas of the US, but they have not been used at sub-zero temperatures until recently. With this technology installed correctly, it delivers two to three times more heat than electric heat.

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