Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Clean Air Conditioning Systems May Help Keep Your Family Healthy

Are you or a family member experiencing respiratory issues? While allergens are a common cause of respiratory problems, your air conditioning system could be to blame. Here is a closer look at the connection between your ducts, your A/C, and your family's respiratory health.

Your Home's IAQ

Studies have found that the average person is exposed to more contaminants in their home than anywhere else. The simple reason for this is the fact that most of us spend quite a bit of time at home. During the summer months, your air conditioning system could be your first line of defense against outdoor allergens and contaminants. This means that even minor problems with the A/C could result in major health problems for your family.

Poor Air Quality

The human body is designed to filter out many of the allergens and airborne contaminants we come into contact with, but it is not 100 percent efficient at this job. In addition to your air conditioner pulling in outside air, you may be accidentally bringing contaminants into your home from all over town. When these contaminants are not properly filtered by your HVAC system, families will often struggle with unbearable seasonal allergies, ongoing illnesses, red eyes, runny noses, and other flu-like symptoms.

HVAC Maintenance

Seasonal HVAC maintenance is one of the most effective ways to preserve your home's air quality. Be sure to have your air conditioning system regularly maintained by professional technicians, such as the ones from Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.

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